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★Art from the Other Side★

From the Seer’s journal: 23rd November 2017
“… what is it that I can give myself and my Lightfamily, that will make the transition into a reality without reference points easier? That will ease the fear of not knowing how to articulate the boundlessness of one’s own being that one encounters? I will portray for them the fluid space that can train their eyes for what is to come; I will create Art from the Other Side. It is too priceless to sell. It will be my gift to them for the courage they have, and the dedication to go beyond the boundaries of experience any being has encountered before…”

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★The Tablets of Fire Transmissions★

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The 5th Creation of – and 4th Intervention in – Humanity
All Diminishing: Human DNA in the Cosmic Fall
The Secret Origins of the Holy Ones
Genetic Inbreeding: How Man Was Distorted

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