Interstellar Mysticism

“The time has come when, finally we are able, on almost a daily basis, to speak directly with our star family… where they ask us for assistance in their lives, and where they also offer us some that they are able to give. For example, the massive cycles of life that lie behind us – 24 dream cycles and 24 awakening cycles – that we have called the ascension cycles, are both equally unreal. But, in the subconscious of the 24 star races that you will be dealing with, as well as the 24 mystical kingdoms that you will be dealing with, you will find that they have held certain insights and secrets from these long forgotten dream cycles and awakening cycles… things we should see and know and this will be part of the verbal presentations that they will give us day by day as we go through these 3 months together.”

“So let us look at what sort of things we can be expecting, though do expect the unexpected! One is that they have been quite clear – when I was teaching in Sedona towards the end of January – that we do not understand, even remotely, the meaning of their music*, that there are deep meanings behind the sound elixirs they gave us, that will in fact open our eyes to a great many things in human life… because their music is a song of their subconscious… it’s a song of those parts of themselves that does not function from cognition, but bypasses belief systems… the part that art reaches.”

*Children of the Sun and Labyrinth of the Moon